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As with any type of outsourcing, offshore software development services have many benefits, as well as drawbacks. It is imperative that you understand the fundamentals of this process, so that you can make the best decision for your company. During the Great Recession, offshore software development spending lowered.

We discuss with client project requirements and clarify the details, outline the project roadmap and conduct interviews with software engineers if needed. Outsourcing means you have to share sensitive data with your partner. This is especially concerning since it’s “offshore”, meaning in a foreign country, making security verification very difficult. Even with a non-disclosure agreement , there’s no telling if your partner overseas can misuse or abuse your data.

What Is Offshore Development?

HDWEBSOFT software outsourcing company offers the full life cycle of offshore software development services. We focus on providing offshore development teams for developing sophisticated mobile and web applications. This model is ideal for businesses which want to exert control over their own development.

HDWEBSOFT is one of the top offshore software development centers in the market, based out of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We offer the full life cycle of offshore software development services of the highest quality. When talking about offshore software development services, many think of outsourcing.

offshore outsourcing software development company

This model is the most commonly used for firms around the world, and also has the cheapest pricing. In this model, typically there is a dedicated team, with an assigned project manager. Members are then chosen for their necessary skills and expertise relevant to the project, and ensure that the offshore development team operates correctly. These 2 teams work side-by-side to make sure that the project is going in the desired direction. This model is beneficial because changes can be made as the team sees fit in a timely manner, and issues can be quickly resolved via communication to the offshore development team.

Your software template is not dynamic enough for your new use cases? We can give out the best solutions wherever your software has been made by using a famous open source or a private developed codebase. Commercial project estimation in terms of time and cost, suggestions on architecture, technology platforms, tools, and methodologies. Last but not least, build in-depth project requirements, as well as establishing the quality standards to adhere to.

Advantages Of Offshore Development

It is best practice to keep your project goals in sight and maintain market awareness. Make sure you know the specifics of what your clients want, and learn what your competitors are doing. Make sure your roadmap is split into milestones, and have clear processes to reach them. Swift, Objective-C and other proven technologies and approaches that allow us to easily extend and scale our products.

Only after a massive failure did Guppy, a software firm known for its market analysis products, discover how vital communication is in achieving the desired outcome. Seeking a cost-effective growth strategy, Guppy partnered with a Vietnamese firm to develop software for one of its main product modules. From the onset, management found communicating with the overseas team to be somewhat of a hassle, however, this warning sign was largely ignored.

offshore outsourcing software development company

In fact, the country’s government blocked internet access over 100 times in 2018 alone. Since its beginning, Onix has grown an expert team of more than 100 developers who have successfully delivered more than 1,200 projects for our customers from more than 13 countries around the world. Onix is a full scope software development company that delivers outstanding results and excellent customer service.

Not only do your software products need to look good, it must also run smoothly as well, on both computers and mobile devices. Also, with cloud computing being the trend these days, like AWS or GCP platforms, you want to implement your software there in a proper and secure manner. We have extensive experience in helping companies to continuously improve their existing business paradigms by bringing tomorrow’s technological solutions to solve today’s offshore software development companies problems. 03 iOS dev iOS development Swift, Objective-C and other proven technologies and approaches that allow us to easily extend and scale our products. We have mastered development outsourcing to speed up the implementation process, reduce delays in response time and enable an effective round-the-clock work model. Some of the popular offshore countries in the world include India, China, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Taiwan, Vietnam, S.Korea, etc.

React JS development is one of the focus areas of HDWEBSOFT front-end development department. We utilize React.js for creating SPAs, PWAs, dynamic web pages, social media apps and many more. Share your ideas and expectations with us, specify the project requirements.


Offshore software development, as well as other forms of outsourcing, eliminates the need for recruitment. Instead of spending resources on hiring, training, monitoring and compensating new employees, companies just pay a fixed cost. And of course, your business wouldn’t want to miss out on that segment of the market, and risk being left behind by competitors. You want an application developed for mobile phones, to help customers make use of your services better. We are highly specialized in various cutting-edge technologies from Python to Node.js, from cloud platforms to enterprise infrastructures, from mobile application development to web-based solutions. Our services include all types of activities related to software development solutions, so we can match any need you have for custom software development projects.

offshore outsourcing software development company

We are an offshore software development company base in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. And we will show you how our offshore development team can perform as effectively as an in-house team. Further, the so-called Great Firewall of China is yet another example of the literal barriers that tech-related businesses face when working in the country. Citing tough restrictions on VPNs and similar technology, clients often find it difficult to efficiently share project files, documents, and other content with Chinese teams.

What Is The Best Way To Interview Software Developers?

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Offshore software development services can help companies save huge sums of money. Outside of Western Europe and North America, offshore companies or agencies usually charge much less, largely due to lower living costs. We are a global software development company specializing in software development services. By 2015, India was considering repatriating most of its outsourcing activities to move to a new generation of automated software development. In February 2016, Apple Inc. opened its first offshore software development center in India.

  • We offer the full life cycle of offshore software development services of the highest quality.
  • Our services include all types of activities related to software development solutions, so we can match any need you have for custom software development projects.
  • By 2010, India started to consider China as a threatening competitor.
  • The development process is divided into sprints, and the team interacts with the customer once the sprint is completed.
  • Take your time to do research about potential offshore development labs to partner with.
  • Therefore, any firms seriously considering an offshore development agreement should start with ensuring the vendor’s network, personnel, and facilities follow strict security standards.

It wasn’t until the first project deliverables were received, nearly one year later, that Guppy realized the enormity of this mistake. We can handle the known issues of software outsourcing development models. Hence, we can commit high productivity in offshore outsourcing development.

Why Synapseindia Is One Of The Best It Companies

It is a time-proven fact that top ranked technology experts are to be found in Ukraine. Developers at Onix are highly skilled English-speaking professionals that work smoothly like parts of a single unit. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

React Js Development

Just like cells in a body support all important life functions, Onix will optimize and offer technological support to help your business flourish. When I was starting this blog, a relatable question came to my mind. We constantly do various activities to maintain high-quality standards while executing your project. SynapseIndia has a track record of delivering world-class and bug-free products.

Outsourcing your project to SynapseIndia to get help in offshore outsourcing software development is highly beneficial for you. No matter in which country you are, our developers communicate with you in a clear, concise and timely manner. Diverse businesses in 50+ countries rely on SynapseIndia, an IT offshore outsourcing software development company , to innovate and stay relevant in the future. We work on numerous technologies like PHP frameworks, Xamarin, Android, iPhone, ASP.NET, Shopify, Magento, AngularJS, Drupal, Joomla, etc. Do not be blinded by how cheap it is to outsource a project to an offshore development company. Take your time to do research about potential offshore development labs to partner with.

Onix is a software development company with 20+ years of experience building web and mobile solutions for any business size worldwide. Using cutting-edge technologies, our talented team finds the right solution to meet your unique business goals. Many software companies now-a-days are considering offshoring software development as it can and have actually helped them in a lot of ways. In software engineering, offshore custom software development consists in offshoring the software development process in a country where production costs are lower, thus decreasing budget spending. Different cultures will have different interpretations of many work values, such as hard work and etiquette. Any issues related to culture, work ethics, language, and other sensitive topics may bring about undesirable results for the project, as well as the involved parties.

The USA is increasing its IT shopping in Latin American countries, and Europe in Poland and other small Eastern European countries such as Lithuania. North Korea appeared on the map of IT offshoring destinations, having great engineering resources and an excellent price/quality ratio. Especially, when we start transferring requirements, interviewing developers, resolving major issues, or delivering important software packages. By 2010, India started to consider China as a threatening competitor. In September 2010, the French company Capgemini bought the Brazilian software developer CPM Braxis for $330 million to significantly grow its offshore capacity. In November 2010, Hewlett-Packard confirmed a $1 billion investment to develop 6 major offshore centers in Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, India, Malaysia and the Philippines.

With offshoring, it is possible to minimize staff expenses as well as cut expenses such as rent, equipment, social security, and so on. In many of the developed countries, hiring skilled in-house developers is a pretty hefty load in your pocket. Current tensions between the U.S. and China serve as a stark illustration of how quickly multinational business arrangements can falter. With the stroke of a pen, the Trump Administration effectively banned a Chinese manufacturer called Huawei from selling its 5G products to American telecom companies.

So, all parties involved must respect and acknowledge each other’s cultural differences. HDWEBSOFT, as an offshore software development company, is highly experienced in overcoming cultural difficulties. Offshore software development services give companies access to a large pool of international talents. Their unique insights and expertise may be very beneficial to the project, and may contribute to making it one-of-a-kind, and an international hit. This is not usually possible in the case of outsourcing in the same country as the client.

Techtonic recruits and trains new software engineers who are more diverse. We build complex software as a leader in onshore software development. Whether it is a new policy or law, even the slightest shift in international order has the potential to completely derail an offshore development project. How to recruit good software developers has been a headache issue for every software devel… Acting as a React Native app development company, we are ready to provide full-cycle app development that covers everything from business analysis and UX/UI design to testing and deployment.

Miscommunication can occur not only because of the language barrier, but also because of timezone differences. Communication between parties may slow down, or come to a halt completely because of such differences. These factors may make resolving issues problematic, but we at HDWEBSOFT are experts in dealing with these issues.